Pre Packing Preparations – Perfect Packers Packing Tips

More than just about anything else, packing well is essential for an overall successful move. Our full-service moving company can take care of this for you – but sometimes, you want to do it yourself. See our packing guide below for tips on a DIY move.
To get started, make sure you have ample supplies of:

  • Tissue paper
  • Packing paper (plain newsprint)
  • 2″ packing tape
  • Permanent markers
  • Professional quality boxes (available from your agent)
  • Utility knife and scissors


It’s All About the Boxes

Using quality packing materials specifically designed for moving can ensure that your property will arrive safely. Perfect Packers has a wide range of boxes and professional packing materials available:

  • 2 cu. ft. cartons – Small carton for heavy items such as books, files, music CDs and DVDs/video tapes
  • 4 cu. ft. cartons – Medium utility carton often used for pots and pans, toys, towels, linens and small appliances
  • 5 cu. ft. cartons – For large, bulky, or lightweight articles, such as pillows or large lampshades
  • Wardrobe cartons – A “portable closet” that keeps clothes and draperies hanging on a built-in bar (on loan day of your move)
  • Mirror cartons – Several sizes of telescoping cartons for framed pictures, mirrors or glass (on loan day of your move)
  • Dish pack (or China Barrel) – Heavy duty carton used for dishes/china, crystal and glassware
  • PVC packing tape – The most effective tape to seal boxes.


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