Packing FAQs

If I pack myself are my goods insured?
No. If you pack the boxes yourself, you assume all liability for the contents of the boxes.


What are the advantages to utilizing professional packers?
There are many advantages to using professional packers. The services of a professional packer are more cost effective because they are more efficient (reducing packing time), professional packers know how to correctly pack to ensure zero damage occurs, they have the appropriate packing materials and the cost includes all the packing and unpacking. Using the services of a professional packer is overall more efficient than doing the packing yourself. Our staff members possess a wealth of hands on experience therefore ensuring that your packing is fast, efficient and ulimately more cost effective than doing it yourself. Contact Perfect Packers today to discuss all your packing needs.

Am I able to purchase packing materials from a moving company?
Yes. We have a wide variety of both new and used cartons, packing paper, and tape all readily available for purchase from our office.

Why should I use moving company packing materials?
They are designed for the stress and strain of moving whereas other boxes available have been designed for holding other items. Moving boxes are designed to fit perfectly in the truck; when other boxes are used, it takes longer for the movers to load therefore costing you more in moving costs.


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