Packing & Crating

  • Full or partial packing and/or crating
  • Cartons of all shapes, sizes and specialties
  • Standard sizes for efficient and safe relocation
  • Full line of supplies, both new and used
  • Custom crating and used crates available

Packing Tips

  1. Moving And Packing Company In Burlington And Barrie Ontario Start well in advance of your moving date; don’t leave packing to the last minute. It’s more work than you think!
  2. Stock up on quality boxes, marker pens, packing tape and other packing materials. All your packing supplies are available from Perfect Packers
  3. Tackle one room at a time and ensure you take a break.
  4. Make sure the bottom and top of boxes are closed and taped tightly.
  5. Label your boxes by the rooms in which they should be placed at the destination. (example: Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Living Room etc.)
  6. All liquids should have the tops fastened tightly to prevent leakage and the box should indicate that the contents are liquids with an arrow indicating the right way up.
  7. All boxes not to be loaded should be marked as such. All boxes to be loaded last and first off (example: phone) should also be marked as such. All boxes with breakables should be marked “fragile”.
  8. Place heavier items on the bottom of the boxes in their least vulnerable position for breakage (plates are strongest standing on their edges) with the lighter objects on top.
  9. Pack all boxes as full as possible with adequate padding, the less room for movement, the less chance of breakage.
  10. Try to limit the weight of each box to 50 pounds or under. A good rule of thumb is to pack lighter items such as clothing in larger boxes and heavier items such as books, photo albums, c.d.’s and videos in smaller boxes.
  11. Do not use newspaper for wrapping; inks in newspaper may rub off damaging other items.
    Linens are great to use as padding for breakables and will save you from packing them in separate boxes.
  12. If you have any questions feel free to contact your moving consultant. They will help you make sure your packing goes smoothly.


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