Moving tips to make your life easier

Moving TipsMoving should be an exciting time, new place, new adventure, but the reality is, moving is one of the most stressful life changes one can experience.

Relocating does not need to be a source of major stress if you are well organized, consider these ideas to make your life easier when you arrive at the other end.

1. Pack an overnight bag with everything you need; toothbrush, change of clothes, medications, toiletries. Extra tip – include a roll of toilet paper in your overnight bag, so you aren’t searching at a pivotal moment.

2. Collect the items you know you will need immediately in a clear bin. Things like power cords, cleaning supplies, paper towels, regular towels, tools, power bar, etc. The clear bin will be easy to find in a sea of boxes. Another great place for a roll or two of TP.

3. Clearly, label the boxes to identify what’s in each box and where it should go. Put sticky notes on the room doors so movers won’t get confused. Extra tip – make the unpacking process more manageable, unpack one room at a time.

4. Clean your new place before moving in, if possible. Cleaning cupboards and floors are much easier when the space is empty.

5. Use baggies for small items like keys, screws, furniture hardware. Use a Sharpie to write on the bag what it is – easy!

6. Take a photo of your home entertainment setup, showing all the cords and hookups. This will help installation on the other end of your move.

7. If you have valuable furniture, art, musical instruments, electronics or other meaningful items, hiring a skilled mover is well worth the price for peace of mind.

Perfect Packers can help you with all your moving needs; we pride ourselves on making your move as smooth as possible.


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