Moving and Relocation FAQs

Why choose a professional moving company?
Relying on family members and friends to help you with your move can be costly both to your friendships and your goods! A professional moving company can work with you to design a move that will suit your budget and they know how to move your goods with zero damage. Perfect Packers is 100% claim free!

Is it not more cost effective to move myself?
moving-relocation-perfect-packersMany people consider moving themselves more cost effective but when you analyze the process in its entirety, you may be surprised how much more it does cost. When you rent a moving truck, there are additional costs for the pads, dollies and necessary equipment that are included in the price when you hire a professional moving company. Because rental companies may not always have the appropriately sized truck for your move, you could be forced to make several trips whereas a professional moving company will provide the right truck for your move. Finding professional, experienced people who will move you for free is virtually impossible not to mention the fact that neither they nor your goods are insured so if breakage occurs, there is no one to take care of your claim. With all of these factors taken into consideration, it makes more sense to hire a professional mover who can do it right! At Perfect Packers we will design a move to suit your budget, using all the appropriate equipment and the right vehicle for your move! Our staff members possess a wealth of hands on experience therefore ensuring that your packing is fast, efficient and ultimately more cost effective than doing it yourself

How can I make my move more cost effective?
There are many things you can do to make your move more cost effective including dismantling the larger pieces of furniture prior to the move (these include larger items that cannot be safely moved in their entirety and could include beds and corresponding headboards, dresser mirrors and large desks) and re-assembling them at the new residence if you are not planning on taking advantage of Perfect Packers full packing and moving services. Ensuring all goods are packed prior to the move will also speed up your move time. Taking down shelves, sconces, pictures or any items affixed to the walls should be completed by the customer. As a safety precaution, lights, ceiling fans, hardwired fixtures and appliances are not handled by Perfect Packers and the customer should remove them themselves or have them done professionally. Some customers choose to have the moving company only move the larger pieces of furniture. Why not check out the Perfect Packers Moving Day Checklist to better prepare for your move therefore making it more cost effective!

What decisions are necessary prior to contacting a household goods moving company?
Please check out our pre-move decision form by clicking here for decisions to be made prior to contacting a moving company.

How can I prepare myself for a smooth move
Please check out our moving day checklist by clicking here to better prepare yourself for your moving day, ensuring it runs as smoothly as you had envisioned.


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